A revolutionary device to simplify your life.

A Personalized Milk Dashboard.
What more could you ask for?

Multiple views and customizeable charts to track your milk consumption over time. Forgetting to buy milk is a thing of the past.

Real-Time Metrics

A personalized dashboard to track your milk consumption.

Advanced Hardware

A wifi enabled Arduino seamlessly sends your milk data from the fridge to the MilkTrackr app.

Twilio Integration

Get a text message when you're running low on milk. Moo.

The MilkMen

Learn More about the team behind the project.

Corbin Page

Corbin is an amateur skydiver, skeet shooter, and milk drinker. When he's not hacking kitchen scales, he can be found tasting food cart fare around NYC.

Eugene Millerman

Eugene is a wine and cheese enthusiast, and is a notable contributor to "Wine and Cheese Enthusiast". He also drinks milk.

Danny Fenjves

Danny once sliced an avocado with a spoon. He was very proud of himself and drank a glass of milk. He's been hooked on milk ever since.

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